100 Wonders of Georgian Nature


Authors: Giorgi Dvalashvili
Head of Project: Zaza Khidureli
Published: 2017
ISBN: 978-9941-441-63-9
Pages: 124
Size: 210×297 mm
Cover: Hard + Jacket
წონა 0.88 kg

The word ’Monument’, as a rule, is associated with important historical event or item of culture created to glorify famous individual. In the figurative meaning, we brand monument a piece of literature, or remnant of material culture in the past, code of laws, sentence, writ… and behind all this is a human being and each and every of his/her undertaking.
We tell you in this book about monuments created by nature itself. You will review miraculous world, rare beauty spots of nature: unique swinging and relocating boulders, natural pillars and columns of rocks, deep canyons and valleys rich with biodiversity, volcanic shapes, natural bridges, lakes and waterfalls, fossilized forest… – each and every item with its beaty, one-of-a-kind and perfect character stun visitors and prove once again that mother nature is unmatched maker.
Exclusive geographic location of Georgia, broadly contrasting natural conditions and high quotient of landscape placement in this country make possible abundance and divergence of unique natural monuments. A natural monument is a geomorphological and hydrological makeup, separate specimens of plants and/or fossilized objects of live organizms, as well as a territory where rare, unique, limited in space ecosystems having high esthetic chracteristics are distributed. A natural monument may be a cave, a gorge, a mouth of a river, a waterfall, a lake, a grove of the forest, a sanctuary of rare plants and animals and even one tree (for example, 1800-year old conifer tree in Batsari preserve). Each monument has scientific, historical, ecological and educational and esthetic value and it needs special protection.
The book portrays hundred monuments – one hundred natural wonders. Among them only 25 have been bestowed the status of a monument. However, in our view, stemming from their importance and one-off nature, the objects depicted here are of equal value. Besides, the nature of Georgia, in spite of the diligent work of scholars for many years, still hides many natural beauty spots remaining still beyond scientist eye. Search for them, their study, making access roads and inclusion in tourist routes will raise tourist potential of the nation and will make Georgia attractive for local and foreign visitors. At the same time, it would create conditions for effective protection of these objects and preservation of their original face.


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