KLIO publishing House is present on the book market of Georgia since 2003. From the beginning, it tries to support the ideas of enlightenment in Georgia. During this time, KLIO has published over 70 titles: non-fiction literature, books for children and young adults, also supportive educational literature for secondary school teachers.

During last some years KLIO have translated some titles from English and French. In 2014 rights of two titles were sold in Israel (Life of Kartli, children Literature) and Yemen (100 Resorts of Georgia, non-fiction).

During last some years KLIO tries its best to increase quantity of translated literature, because of increasing demand among georgian readers.

In 2016, based on KLIO Publishing House was established a literary agency “A Agency” aimed to expand area for good Georgian literature abroad, as well as to offer readers interesting samples of qualitative foreign literature.


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